MTG: Silver Beat Down

Get out the Quicksilver Amulet, commence beatdown.

You can also drop the Semblance Anvil with a Myr on it and play everything for less! 2 CMC Ezuri’s Brigade as an 8/8 trampler? 4 CMC Primeval Titan/Wurmcoil Engine?

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MTG: Undying Zombies

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MTG: UW Humans

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Release Counter

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MTG: Andy’ Scars of Mirrodin Release Deck

This was the deck that I through together at the release event. I took 6th place, so it didn’t suck! :)

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MTG: Mono White Control

Here is an example of game play with this deck: vs RWG Allies

This is the same deck vs Jund

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A sequel 12 years in the making: Starcraft II

It is true, I bought this game from the retail store (had to back then, there was no Amazon) in 1998.  I in fact took the day off from work, as I knew I would really enjoy this game.  I did.

I liked it so much, that I got many of my friends hooked at the same time, formed LAN parties around the game and when they (Blizzard) released information about a squeal / add-on called that same year, oh.. we were all looking forward to sleepless nights.

Today – Starcraft II will is going to be released and it just isn’t going to be an updated game with the same units, it is a whole new game with new units and a great story.

In fact, those that might read this should check out the  Known Issues – Technical Support related list and a Current list of bugs on the StarCraft II Forums outlining issues with the game.

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SDCC 2010 and me

Many times people have asked me, “Andy – will you be going?’”  For the last three years, I have replied – “Nope – as I would have to close up the shop”.

Have I ever been?  Yep, a couple of times and it was nerd-vana.  It had everything I had ever hoped for, well , I didn’t really want the long lines, but that goes with the territory.  Lots of great information, lots of great people, people in really great costumes and others in not so great costumes.

The convention was well worth the cost and it really does take about 2 days to take it all in.  I got to see some old pals that are were just starting out in the business and now were knee deep in it.  I got to talk to people that were so much more knowledge and well educated in many different areas of the ‘biz’ and then there were those “fans” that you hope you could get just down wind of.

Alas, it has changed since those days.  The “Comic Book” convention isn’t just that anymore, it is a media spectacle.  Having the media there is okay for the most part, after all, if it wasn’t for that media coverage (and the Internet) , those of us that didn’t go, wouldn’t be able to get updates on all of the juicy information and what not.

I am optimistic that in the future that I will be able to attend again.

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Why the move?

I am still sorting things out, but it would seem that the original site ( got attacked and some malware infected code was added.

It was google that alerted me and now I think I have cleaned it up.  Going to let it go through a stress test for a while and make sure.

So, the .org site is not being used until I can make sure that no more ‘bad’ stuff is still over there.

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Making a come back

Alright – short and sweet, I haven’t posted anything on here for a long time, but I am going to try to be more active.  Have I been too busy not to post, nope, just that I have been more focused on other forms of communication and other things.  Let see if I can keep this up.

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